• Susan has completed the National Court of Sales Twice, both times a Double Star achievement!
  • Susan has been a Star Consultant 81 quarters!

Mary Kay has rewarded Susan with thousands of dollars in diamond jewelry and gifts for her all of her achievements!

Susan was honored by her peers with the Company’s highest award, the “GO-Give Award” in April of 2015

Susan has earned 14 Career Cars, 9 of them Pink Cadillacs

Susan has Earned 8 Top Director Trips!

Susan and her unit have been in the Unit Circles 17 times!

8 times in the Circle of Excellence, One of them in the $800,000 circle of Excellence and this year they completed the Million $ Circle, #1 in the Ruby Seminar and #1 in the Nation!  Susan’s unit had 89 Star Consultants and ended June with 16 Red Jackets!

Susan’s Highest Director commission for one month is over $21,000!

She adores her husband of 33 years and the life they have together with their 3 children, son in love, daughter in love and their 2 grand kids!!  

Susan believes that what matters most is

               “who you are when no one is looking!”


Susan’s Dream is to rise up leaders of excellence that don’t just help other women make “a living”, they challenge them to have an exceptional life!

Our Mission

My Mission and Passion is to encourage, support and mentor women to powerful leadership positions with Mary Kay Inc. as the vehicle to their dreams! Our Future Freedom National Area is my personal dream! As a Mary Kay Family we vow to take God as our business partner, link arm and arm with zeal and passion to fight for what we value most, stand strong for what we believe in and together NEVER take our Freedom for granted! God Bless each of you and God Bless America!

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